Our helmsman, Michael Nelson, has been a small business consultant in the capital region for nearly eight years. As a serial entrepreneur for almost two decades, he has learned many hard lessons in his career; the hardest of all that spending your money on bad marketing strategy can kill a business quickly. Brainworks.studio was launched to solve this problem for small- to medium-sized businesses that not only want creative fun content, but also marketing that works.

“I was once told a story about the difference between a butcher and a dietitian,” says Michael. “When you ask a butcher what you should feed your family that weekend, the butcher will always give you a solution that includes something in his shop. He will almost never tell you that the fish monger down the road has some salmon filets that are way better than anything he has to offer. The dietitian, however, will look at your goals and what you are trying to accomplish before recommending any menus or meals. We are like the dietitian. We look at what your goals are and what you are trying to do before recommending any strategy. We also don’t look around the shop and see what we are trying to sell out of. We define strategy based off of your business, your target market and our proven formula for messaging and choosing the correct marketing channel. “