The Power Of The Hashtag

Written by on Monday, 09 July 2018 17:33

Instagram is quickly becoming a valuable platform for influencers all over the world. It is an amazing way to put yourself out there and connect with anyone by just a click of a button. Whether you have a business you are hoping to promote, or you just want to gain a following on your personal account, hashtags are one of many ways to make your content be seen.

Hashtags help you spark, search, and create a conversation across Instagram, and can attract new followers. Hashtagging is a key part of having your content seen by people who do not follow you. By including hashtags in your captions that relate to the picture you are posting, you are more than likely to gain followers and likes on that photo.

Try it out: The next time you post a photo on Instagram add a few hashtags in your caption. For Example, if you were to post a picture of your dog use hashtags “#Dog” “#DogsOfInstagram” “#GermanShepard” and so on. You’ll be shocked at how many followers and likes you can gain.

Did you know that you can also follow hashtags? This is a great tool for finding similar feeds to yours. Let’s say that you want to find content about video games. Go to the search page on Instagram and type in “#VideoGames”, then hit the follow button. This way anytime anyone in the world posts about a video game and uses “#VideoGames” it will show up on your feed. From there you can follow and like that person's post, and hopefully, they will follow you back.

With these few simple steps of using hashtags, you will be able to connect with others and hopefully gain more followers.


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