The Importance of Photo & Video

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There’s no denying how simple it is to fall into the dark hole of social media. It can be challenging to get recognized these days. One thing that will make your company stand out is eye-catching content. Photo and video are one of the most important things when it comes to advertising your company. You need to have content that will stand out from your competitors. Content that will stop them from scrolling, grab their attention, and keep them engaged with your posts & advertisements! That’s where we come in. is top-notch when it comes to getting the right photos and videos for your brand. If you’re interested in learning more about how can help your brand stand out from the rest, be sure to contact us. If you want to see some of our photo and video work in action, make sure you follow us on Facebook & Instagram!


Social Media Wizard

Hi, my name is Jenna a.k.a the social media wizard. Now, what the social media wizard do you ask? I basically create content and post that content on a variety of channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. When my eyes aren't glued to a computer screen at work you can usually find me going on hiking or backpacking adventures... Or cuddling my 2 cats. I know what you’re thinking so just to be clear I am NOT that crazy cat lady. It just so happens that I also love dogs. And while we’re on the topic of what I love. Pizza. If I could live off of pizza I would. Yup, so that’s me in a nutshell. Social media, the outdoors, cats (and dogs), and pizza.

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