How Can Google AdWords Help Your Business?

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Let's face it, It's difficult to catch the attention of potential new business, especially organically. Lucky for you there are some amazing resources that can help... One of them being Google. So the question stands, how can Google actually help you?

You are able to create advertisements that pop-up to people who might be interested in your services. For the sake of the length of this blog post, we'll stick to a general idea of how Google Search can help. Let's say that you are a cleaning company and a potential client in your targeted location goes to Google and searches "cleaning services". If you currently have a Search Campaign running, you should pop-up as the first few search results (that is if you are properly utilizing AdWords). The higher up on the search results you are, the more likely it is that the potential client clicks on your ad, sending them to your website. 

How do we ensure that your advertisement shows up in the first few search results? With the use of keywords, location targeting, and ad extensions, but let's save that for a different blog post! 

Stay tuned for an in-depth blog about keywords, location targeting, and ad extensions! 


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