What makes a logo successful?

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Wondering how to get an effective logo for your brand? Let’s begin with the purpose of a logo.

Simply put, a logo is used to identify and represent a brand. World-renowned designer, Paula Scher, states that “Identities are the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognized and understood.” Therefore, a logo is the first step to creating a meaningful mark to showcase your brand.

How does brainworks.studio develop a successful logo? There are a few steps we take before jumping right into the creation process. The first being a design brief, which is typically an interview with the client to understand the client’s goals. Next, our design team will research a particular industry and its competitors. Once there is a collection of research, we will then gather reference images, illustrations, or even other logos to use as inspiration for design styles and color palettes. The next step is sketching until all possible options have been exhausted. Sketching is my favorite part of the process since it’s where you can really see ideas visually come to life. Once some options have been selected, we will then move to the computer. From there on out, a logo will go through rounds of revisions in order to deliver the best possible solutions. Lastly, a few of the strongest solutions will be presented to the client.

While designing a logo, there are a few principles I like to keep in mind. An effective logo is first and foremost conceptual (hence why the logo process is so in depth). Another being that the logo is simple and easy to read, which therefore makes it recognizable. Versatility is also an important principle to logo design. More specifically, an effective logo can be displayed across multiple platforms. This is crucial since often times a logo will need to be displayed as one color or scaled down to a small size. Lastly, a successful logo is appropriate for its intended audience. For example, a medical office would not want to use Comic Sans and bright pink in their logo.

All in all, what makes a logo successful is how well it can capture the identity and representation of a brand.


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MaryGrace (typically known as MG), graduated from The College of Saint Rose with a BFA in Graphic Design. While studying there, she found a love for all things art and design including typography, illustration, and photography. As a Junior Designer at brainworks.studio, MG assists in the creative development of print and web-based work from concept to completion. When she’s not glued to a computer, she enjoys stepping into nature and is currently an aspiring Adirondack 46er. MG is also an avid traveler, margarita connoisseur, and live music enthusiast.

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