The Importance of Valuable Content

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What improvements can be made to a website in order to place higher in organic search results? A particularly important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is content optimization. Creating high quality and compelling content for a given target audience directly affects how well the website ranks on search engine result pages.

There are no real secrets for optimizing written content, it’s precisely the opposite. Google has openly published a guide outlining best practices.

The idea is to ensure content is engaging, well written, and easy to understand. Proofread thoroughly, ensuring there are no grammar or spelling errors present. Make sure it flows naturally and isn’t over-optimized with keywords.

Ensure content is logically organized. Use informative, relevant headings and subheadings, and use paragraphs or layout separations where it makes sense to do so.

Create new, unique content. This will attract both existing and new website visitors by offering insight or information that isn’t available by other websites. While also reducing the risk of creating content that is too similar or identical to existing topics within the website. Duplicate content can have a negative impact on search results.

Always write and create content for your audience. Creating content for site visitors rather than search engines, will naturally lead to positive results. When content is created for the user, it is less likely to contain nonsense and numerous unnecessary keywords. Also, make sure the users and the search engines are seeing the same information. Don’t hide text or content from users while simultaneously displaying it to search engines (i.e. white text against a white background).

When visitors find interesting content, they will stay, read, and possibly visit other areas of the website. User engagement is tracked, and user behavior will ultimately signal to search engines if a web page is relevant to the search query initially entered by the user.


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In my spare time, I enjoy taking spontaneous road trips, attending punk rock music shows, and practicing my airbrush technique. Bio-Dome is one of my favorite movies ever and I like to cook – because fast food is gross.

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