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Most people consider their brand their logo, but they are not the same.

Your brand is more than a logo.

A logo is a mark or symbol that identifies with your business, your brand is the emotion that someone feels, sees or tastes when they interact with your business. It shows up in a lot of locations like print, content, website, email, social and digital marketing, video, e-commerce and many others. It is important to be consistent when developing elements for your brand. Here are some points that will help get you started:


Keep it simple. Use 1 or 2 colors.


Choose a font or 2 fonts, a main and a secondary. Different fonts have different personalities that can say a lot about your brand. Consider your choices carefully.

Color Palette

This needs to have the customer in mind. Choose 3-5 colors that will respond well with customers, not with what you personally like. For example, yellow can be associated with joy and happiness. I will be expanding on this in another blog about “psychology of color” and the breakdown of colors and their meanings.

Pattern and Texture

This can be a key design element and easily recognizable for your brand. A brand like Louis Vuitton is widely recognized for their pattern.

Photography and Animation

There are many styles to choose from, it is important to choose one and use consistently across all media.

Illustration and Icons

Choose icon styles that work with your logo, goes with your brand and color palette. Using these consistently can help speak for your brand.


Sound can be used as an element. Intel is one that comes to mind that uses sound as a strong brand element.


Use a consistent type of layout across all media can help make your brand easily recognizable.

Tone of Voice

In the copy of your website, content, social media, is it formal, jokey, serious, informal funny. Think about this and how it will help your brand.

All of these should be considered and covered within your brand guidelines. Use your brand guidelines to help communicate a consistent perception of your company. Continue to review your brand and implement changes if you notice a mistake or looking to improve in a certain aspect. In order to create a memorable brand, stay consistent with all uses of type, fonts, images. It will be worth it to help tell your story.


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